Rotary machines for high volume manufacture of plastic containers

1 April, 2020

Máquinas rotativas para la fabricación de envases de plástico en cantidades elevadas
  • In this equipment, all moulds are arranged on a rotating wheel, with a single head that delivers the plastic

  • This system provides significant advantages, such as a high productive capacity (up to 30,000 containers/hour) and lower energy and maintenance costs


At UROLA SOLUTIONS, we have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of rotary machines for plastic containers manufacturing through blow moulding technology. These machines are characterised by the radial or tangential arrangement of the moulds on a rotating wheel, meaning that a single head is required to deliver all the plastic to the moulds, unlike with linear machines, where each mould needs its own head. This rotary system is certainly the future of high volume manufacture of ‘standard’ containers and bottles (from 50 ml. to 10 litres) due to the significant advantages it provides:


The SWT Series extrusion blow moulding machines from UROLA SOLUTIONS make it possible to reach 30,000 containers/hour production if the ‘Neck to Neck’ option is selected:

  • Two cavities per mould.
  • A single blower for both cavities. The blowing is carried out at the centre.
  • Transfer to the deburrer by means of a conveyor belt.
  • Highly efficient rotary deburrer.
  • System for vertical positioning of container and unifier in a single line (optional).

In the case of the M Series extrusion blow moulding machine, up to 11,000 containers/hour (optimal for containers up to 2 litres) can be manufactured, while the MSC Series of extrusion blow moulding machines can manufacture up to 1,600 containers/hour of up to 10 litres with a calibrated neck. On the M Series, this calibrated neck can also be achieved through an added machining process at the end of the line.


Rotary machines for high volume manufacture of plastic containers

Rotary machines for high volume manufacture of plastic containers



  • This equipment has minimum electrical consumption. The power required to turn the single head is negligible (9kw).
  • MAINTENANCE AND SPARE PARTS.The UROLA SOLUTIONS machines are not only robust and very reliable -some of them are still working after 25 years- but the company also offers its clients an additional equipment monitoring service. Data is constantly collected to prepare for potential failures and/or issues. Thus, production downtime is eliminated.
  • All operations are simplified. It only takes 4 hours to perform a format change on one of our rotary machines (this is the estimated average time; it also depends on each model). On the other hand, containers are collected at a single point of departure. The extraction time is therefore reduced, as is the time required for deburring and subsequent sealing or leak testing.

A study to compare our rotary extrusion blow moulding machines with a competitor’s machine was recently carried out, and the results showed that our technology generates annual savings for the company that could reach up to 200,000 euros.



Thanks to the state-of-the-art software:

  • 100-point parison programming with very easy to use interface.
  • Programme fast execution.
  • Electronic camera.
  • Programme storage. No hard drives are required.
  • UPS for proper shutdown of operating systems in the event of power outage.
  • Integrated Windows operating system for industrial use.
  • Full access to the main controls of the machine remotely.
  • Warning indicators for unsaved changes.
  • Fault diagnosis function.
  • Traceability of setup changes.
  • Production information by ‘recipes’.
  • Fingerprint access control (optional)



As a result, these containers are very uniform (in weight and final configuration) and consistent, with virtually no time spent on inspections. Wasted material is minimal.

Clearly, the advantages provided by rotary machines are very important when it comes to high production of standard containers. The question is: when could the choice of an inline machine be justified?   Easy: When containers with special characteristics are necessary, i.e. very square shapes, very large or very small sizes, such as those used, for example, in cosmetics (mascara, lipstick, etc.). In all other cases, rotary machines are the best option.

If you have any doubt or question about our rotary machines, click on this link and leave us a message. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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