Savings of up to €200,000 per year with our rotary extrusion blow moulding machines

13 January, 2020

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  • The equipment by UROLA SOLUTIONS has been designed to, among other advantages, generate minimum energy and maintenance costs


UROLA SOLUTIONS is a world leader in machines for the manufacture of containers (bottles, recipients…) using blow moulding technology. For more than 40 years we have been immersed in a continuous and intense R&D work aimed at finding new applications that offer advanced solutions adapted to the needs of companies and, above all, that improve their production processes and profitability. In this sense, our rotary extrusion blow moulding machines, with a capacity to produce up to 30,000 containers per hour in the case of the SWT series (from 50 millilitres to 10 litres), have been designed to ensure maximum SAVINGS in manufacturing costs:


  • Minimum power required to operate the rotary machine.
  • Minimal energy required to heat the head.
  • Minimum hydraulic power required for the final anchorage of the moulds.


We manufacture robust and very reliable blow moulding machinery. We have clients who have been with us for more than 30 years and equipment launched to the market in 1995 that is still in working order. On the other hand, we already apply all the advantages of Industry 4.0 for machine monitoring. This enables us to constantly obtain valuable information on our own facilities regarding:

  • Possible future machine failures, making it possible to anticipate and avoid problems. In this way, manufacturing stoppages are avoided.
  • Data on the machine’s operation in order to optimise its performance.

Another of digitisation advantages is that it makes it possible to provide a remote immediate technical assistance service to resolve any type of incident. Nevertheless, thanks to our extensive international network, with physical presence in all 5 continents, we also have the capacity to provide this service in person in a short space of time.


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The new generation of rotary extrusion blow moulding machines from UROLA SOLUTIONS are compact and take up little physical space. We are aware of the importance space availability has in modern industry, and this is something we have kept in mind when designing equipment.


The machines are simple to operate. In fact, a single operator can work with several machines at the same time.


This is made possible by the operation of the rotary extrusion blow moulding machines. Specifically, the system comprising a rotating wheel fitted with moulds -hence the name of the rotary machines- that requires only a single head to dispense the plastic. In linear machines, each mould needs its own head. Having a single head ensures greater uniformity and consistency in the containers, meaning that it takes little time to perform checks.

On the other hand, it only takes an average of 4 hours to perform a total format change. The container outlet is also unique and is oriented on one side only, which simplifies the evacuation of containers and facilitates subsequent operations of deburring, sealing check, etc.

With all these points considered, UROLA SOLUTIONS recently carried out a comparative study between one of our rotary extrusion blow moulding machines and other competitor machines. This study analysed annual yield differences in the manufacturing of one-litre single-layer High-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles, weighing 32 grams and with a capacity of 28 million units. Variables such as the raw materials and energy required, the minimum levels of staffing, the financial costs, the depreciation of the equipment itself, the maintenance costs and the physical space it occupied on the floor of the building were all taken into account.

The results concluded that annual savings of up to €200,000 could be achieved with UROLA SOLUTIONS technology, depending on the cost of each factor.


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