UROLA PERFORMANCE, our service to leverage all Industry 4.0 advantages

4 February, 2020

Máquinas lineales de extrusión soplado
  • We offer a monitoring and data analytics solution, and suggested improvements for our rotary and linear extrusion blow moulding machines and linear stretch blow moulding machines

  • The service improves equipment performance by saving time and optimising productivity 


The 4th Industrial Revolution.Today’s industry has been dubbed Industry 4.0 because of its great impact on manufacturing processes. Experts and gurus in the field describe this phenomenon as the last great leap in industry transformation, and predict that the success or failure of organisations will depend on their ability to adapt to change and thus improve their competitiveness.

At UROLA SOLUTIONS, we have been completely involved in this new revolution for a long time now to take full advantage of all the new features incorporated; in fact, we already offer to the companies that acquire (or have acquired) any of our rotary and linear extrusion blow moulding machines and linear stretch blow moulding machines an additional service, UROLA PERFORMANCE, for improving productivity through a digital platform for data collection and analysis.

This information is of great value for the calculation of the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) indicator, which measures industrial machinery performance, an indispensable tool for companies, such as UROLA SOLUTIONS, who seek on continuous improvement. 

For more information, please download our catalogue for this or any other of our services.  

How does UROLA PERFOMANCE work? Actually, it is quite simple: we incorporate into (ours and also other brands’) machines the necessary software and hardware to monitor them during operation in order to detect possible process ‘black spots’ (sources of waste) and identify actions for improvement, after studying the data obtained. 

Important advantages for companies:

  • Detection of potential future machine malfunction, which enables manufacturers to anticipate and avoid production downtimes and the consequent economic damage this entails. We generate informative alerts based on analytics for timely action.
  • Control of machine operation, as well as production line optimisation.
  • We install UROLA PERFORMANCE without altering the manufacturing process. The platform is remotely deployed. All we need is Internet connection.
  • Data SECURITY is FULLY GUARANTEED. We have certifications that support it.
  • Reports are delivered regularly on production processes performance.
  • Once the improvement actions have been detected and agreed upon, they are applied without affecting the activity of the machine.

All this translates into significant time and production cost savings for companies, as well as an increase in equipment productivity. We manufacture blow moulding machines that are modern, robust, reliable and, thanks to the UROLA PERFORMANCE service, now also smart. This is a very innovative technology which in 2018, already helped us to win the Most Innovative SMI Euskadi Award.

We have different plans available, so that the company’s own staff can manage the service internally, or rely on UROLA SOLUTIONS to take care of everything. Both the initial audit and the customised solution design are free of charge. 

For more information about the UROLA PERFORMANCE service, or our extrusion or stretch blow moulding machines, please click on this link to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.  

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