With Urola Teleservice you will always be connected to the Technical Assistance service so that you have real-time attention for the diagnosis and resolution of incidents. We provide agility in communications and speed in responding to your assistance needs.


Urola Teleservice is a remote assistance service, in which experts assist the customer or the machine directly online, securely with remote assistance software.

The remote assistance to the machine is done through encrypted point-to-point communication allowing access to different elements such as the PLC, HMI, drives, cameras…

The remote assistance to the field technician is done through a collaborative tool in real time that allows diagnosing, solving and supporting the maintenance of the equipment, increasing the efficiency of the interventions.

All communications are traceable and recorded in Urola’s services, ensuring the privacy of your data, and having access to historical data at any time.



Reduces diagnostic and troubleshooting time.

Cost savings

Avoids technician travel, minimizing production downtime.

Field support.

Instant attention to field technicians and customers through advanced tools.

The service stands out for its agility and speed (immediacy). We offer agile and fast support for both the user and the machine.

It means cost savings (travel of technicians…), speed in solving problems, since you do not have to wait for the Urola technician to travel. Field support tools will help you to control the situation and solve the problem as soon as possible.

We do even more!

Urola Solutions develops advanced solutions for the packaging manufacture with blow moulding technology, providing added value to end users.

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