Welcome to our new ONLINE ECOSYSTEM

17 December, 2018


In Urola Solutions we are continuously working for giving a better service to our clients and on this way we have launch our new online ecosystem, with this we want to give a step forward and adapt to the current communicative requirements.

The new web site have a modern design, eminently visual, the navigation is simple and intuitive thanks to the usability and responsive design that allows to adapt the navigation to any type of device.

Additionally, the user will be able to access simply and clearly, with a simple click, to our products and advanced solutions.

Through the press room, we will share the last updates of the most renowned facts related to the organization: relevant projects, news about new markets, innovative products etc.

The ecosystem gets complete with a Linkedin profile, accesible from the web. By the presence on this professional network we want to have another point of contact and to interact with the clients, potential clients and the sector in general.

We do even more!

Urola Solutions develops advanced solutions for the packaging manufacture with blow moulding technology, providing added value to end users.

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