Urola in the Blow Moulding International Confererence 2019

3 June, 2019


It is a pleasure for us to announce that Urola Solutions will participate as speaker at the International Blow Moulding Conference that will take place in Germany. A conference that unites the greatest professionals of the plastic sector all over the world.

We will have the opportunity to talk about our innovations, including our new SWT extrusion blow moulding rotary machine, the new generation of rotary machines with a tangential mould layout in the rotating unit.

This type of machines are suitable for blown neck containers (without the need for calibration) and no external devices are necessary for cutting the parison such as scissors, etc.

The main characteristics of having the SWT model are an increase of the production, greater energy efficiency since they are 100% electric and the possibility of producing different types of bottles due to the tangential position of the moulds.


On the other hand, we focus on the importance of digitalization, which is now a fact and that Urola has been working and gained experience with the intention of offering the best individualized solutions to our customers.

This digitalization service is based on optimizing the cost per bottle, consume less energy and materials, know when your assets will need maintenance anticipate to it. In addition, thanks to the Big Data we look for access to instant data about the production and status of your assets on your mobile devices from anywhere. Thanks to all this we managed to offer a 100% customized solution.

We do even more!

Urola Solutions develops advanced solutions for the packaging manufacture with blow moulding technology, providing added value to end users.

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