In Urola Solutions we apply continous improvements to mould design

22 November, 2018


In Urola Solutions, we integrate the whole production process of the container, including the design of the mould, which is subject to continous improvements, due to the fact that it is a key element in the afterwords botle production.

The continous improvement process is applycable to PE, PP and other moulds, where thanks to our highly specialized technicians and to advanced 3D designing tools for botle and mould optimization, which incorporate the posibillity to conduct drills by finite elements, we are able to aplly innovative designs in some critical parts, such as necks, domes or bases.

This innovative design impacts positivelly in 3 charateristics of the mould:

  • interchangeability
  • fast replacement
  • cooling improvement

We do even more!

Urola Solutions develops advanced solutions for the packaging manufacture with blow moulding technology, providing added value to end users.

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