11 November, 2020

COVID has not stopped us in Urola and above all prognosis, we have been able to show our New SWT machine to some clients.

The Smart Wheel Tangential, as its name suggests, is a rotary machine with tangential arrangement of the molds on the rotary wheel, thus allowing the creation of different shaped containers and meeting various needs. In addition, this machine, the largest to date, gives us the option of creating the largest number of containers per hour in the most efficient way possible. Up to 48,000 containers/h (with the Neck to Neck option).

This new addition to our range of products, equipped with an extremely modern control system, gives us the option of monitoring each step and guaranteeing an excellent operation of the process.

The first machine we manufactured was for the prestigious soap brand La Corona in Mexico, but the acceptance has been so good that we already have interested clients in several countries around the world. Thanks to this demonstration, our clients have understood the benefits of a rotary machine, which only consists of a single head and is 100% electric, thus allowing considerable savings in the weight of the container and in manufacturing in general.

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