The lacteal Chinese company Yili obtains important savings of raw material and energy due to our equipments

10 October, 2018


Yili is China’s biggest lacteal company and the world’s 8th biggest. Kindly Packaging is one of their main PE bottles supplier and this last one, has trusted us.

Kindly has bought two Urola Solutions extrusion blow molding equipments with a considerable number of moulds, resulting in the next:

-A production of 250000 bottles with the sole presence of one operator, and even reaching 100000000 units produced last semester.

-Savings of up to 1.500.000 RMB in raw material and energy.

This is why, Yili, conscious about the obtained advantages, is encouraging other suppliers to use Urola equipments.

We do even more!

Urola Solutions develops advanced solutions for the packaging manufacture with blow moulding technology, providing added value to end users.

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