The activities carried out by the Research, Development and Innovation department are fundamental to the development of Urola’s technology.

This activity, supported by the diverse technological centres of the Mondragon Corporation, allows us to rely on our own forefront technology.


Urola relies on a specific area of R&D&i to respond to customer requests, in order to develop personalized solutions.

The development platform includes different strategic “partners” who collectively undertake research projects regarding materials, automatization, robotics, energy efficiency, ecodesign, etc.

As members of the Mondragon Group, we rely on close relationships for this development, including universities, technological centres and organizations having complementary or synergetic products.

Energy efficiency and ecodesign

Conscious of the cost and environmental impact of energy, we consider efficient energy solutions when developing the processes, drives and fluids to be used in our blow moulding packaging manufacturing solutions.

Our connection to the environment extends beyond the mere application of eco-solutions as we form part of a government-wide movement in favour of more ecologically efficient industrial solutions.

Hygienic design

When offering our customers solutions, we consider hygienically-oriented concepts in order to reduce the risk of contamination when manufacturing packaging, collecting materials for reprocessing and in the package manufacturing environment.

We seek complementarity in adjacent equipment in order to minimize the critical points relating to hygiene of the packaging.