Urola assists in the creation of the new Wimm Bill Dann container (Russia)

  • Urola assists in the creation of the new Wimm Bill Dann container (Russia)

Urola has worked closely with Wimm Bill Dann, the largest dairy products company in Russia to create new packaging brand drinkable yogurt "Чудо" (chudo).

After one year of deep and continuous work with the customer, 76 molds have been delivered to manufacture this new brand container.

"Miracle Collection"

Six months ago, Wimm Bill Dann, launched his 0.3L new bottle. An attractive and elegant container for "Чудо" (chudo) brand, translated - "Miracle."

This brand was born in 1998 and today is the most popular brand of yoghurts and dairy desserts in Russia. Also, Wimm Bill Dann had won several awards in various competitions, including:

  • Winner, "Dairy Success" as drinking yoghurt. Miracle - peach apricot 2.5%" (March 2009 )

The enthusiastic support given by Urola was essential throughout the project, from container design to manufacturing of the 76 extrusion moulds needed.

After a year of constant work and continuous customer feedback, Urola has exceeded expectations satisfying the primary goals in this project:

  • 30% weight reduction compared to old container.
  • Increase in pallet load capacity by improvements in bottle design.
  • Neck design improvement, change from 3 starts to 2 starts with lighter caps.

The neck change optimization was successfully executed in Algeria, with one of Urola’s customers, from which samples were sent to WBD to support the initiative. After several studies and tests, Design and Manufacturing areas from Urola have managed to satisfy customer needs in this new development.

Improvements achieved have been crucial to increase "Чудо" Chudo's brand positioning in the Russian market and to significantly reduce raw material consumption giving extra savings for a complete customer satisfaction at the conclusion of the project.

This is how WBD announced their new bottle: