Stretch blow moulding machines and the environment

The URBI line was developed thanks to the activity of the Urola R&D&i department, firm believers in the concept of ecodesign and having among their primary objectives, the reduction of the carbon footprint via the following facets:

  • Reduction of container weight, considering, from the equipment’s conception, the necessary requirements in order to develop a precise and controlled process for preform blowing of the most reduced weight possible:
    • Quality and uniformity in the blow heating process.
    • Extreme control of the preform stretching via servomotor.
    • Control of the pre-blowing and blowing sequences.
  • Reduction of electrical energy consumption:
    • High energy efficiency in the heating systems and the servomotor drives.
  • Recovery of air blown from the pneumatic drives during the blow moulding operation.

Similarly, as a part of the ecodesign policy, we conduct the needed analyses in favour of reducing the materials used to manufacture our equipment.