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In order to ensure optimal equipment functioning throughout the product’s service life, we offer comprehensive, conscientious and efficient after sales service to our users.

At Urola we believe that in order to ensure customer satisfaction with equipment functioning after installation and initial use, this service is vitally important in order to ensure its continued performance.

This service is provided by a team of technicians with considerable experience in blow machines, in particular those manufactured by Urola, and they work with an active maintenance focus which includes the following facets:

Preventive maintenance

To ensure that the blow moulding systems are in permanent optimal condition, we offer preventive maintenance plans of various periodicities.

“On-site” and “on-line” technical assistance

A prepared and qualified team is available to attend to customers at their facilities when so required.

Similarly, through remote connection with the customer service team at the Urola central offices, we can guide customers through the problem resolution process, etc.

Spare parts management

We have stock available for the most commonly needed equipment elements, employing the most rapid and efficient delivery systems in order to minimize their delivery time.

Upgrading existing equipment

When the blowing equipment has been operating at full capacity throughout its period of technical amortization, this service can return to its original conditions, with the possibility of incorporating, when needed, any new systems that may be available.

Format changes

In addition to coordinating the delivery of the corresponding moulds to new formats, we consider the different change parts of the machine associated with the new container, and when necessary, we support the customer in the production of the new format.


In order for the blow moulding equipment to work in optimal conditions, those individuals in charge of its use must have the necessary knowledge and experience. For this, our after sales team organizes and offers the training required in each case.

Active maintenance service thanks to the human team forming Urola’s after sales department.


The members of our after sales service team are always ready to identify solutions in order to offer added value and act in a highly proactive manner when offering these solutions, at times, even before requested.

Advanced technical profile

The team consists of technicians having extensive experience in blow moulding machines, specifically those manufactured by Urola, mastering the base technologies upon which the equipment is sustained: thermoplastics processes; electronics, programming and information technologies, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics...


Thanks to the experience gained from our on-going customer relationships, Urola’s team of after sales technicians understand the importance of the different areas covered by this service as well as the need for fast and efficient responses.