About Urola


Since its inception in 1975, Urola has been involved in the field of packaging manufacturing through blow moulding technology, developing solutions that provide added value to their users:

  • Solutions based on rotary concept extrusion blow moulding technologies and others for PE, PP, PET,... containers.
  • Solutions based on stretch blow moulding technology for PET,...containers.
  • Solutions for blow moulds that include container design and development.
  • Proactive after sales service providing solutions to ensure optimal equipment performance.

In addition, Urola offers container solutions through the cited technologies.

Activities carried out by Urola´s R&D&i department are fundamental to Urola, allowing to set the standard in innovation.

Urola’s team of employees consists of professionals with extensive knowledge, motivation, and professionalism, offering their customers the highest quality and most efficient service possible.

In addition, the cooperative nature of our organization reinforces the high degree of involvement of the entire collective, and the clear customer focus.


The ISO 14001 certification along with ISO 9001, gives UROLA the possibility to cover all aspects of Quality through an Integrated Management System, focusing on continuous improvement, to ensure not only the satisfaction of our customers but at the same time protecting the environment, fundamental aspect for environmental sustainability.

Urola and the Mondragon Corporation

Mondragon is a business group consisting of over 83,000 individuals, working in companies and entities focused on three main activity areas: Industry, Distribution and Finance, along with the sector of Research and Knowledge.

Urola’s connection to Mondragon offers the necessary solidarity to ensure its market presence as well as long term customer service. In addition, its collaboration with technological centres (Ikerlan, Koniker, MTC) and the University of Mondragon allow for the continued development necessary to remain a global leader in the field of blow moulding.

Urola across the globe

Urola is present in the majority of countries having a close sales presence and technical service to provide continued customer support.